Modular Knife

To better describe the program as a whole, we have to mention that there are three reactions to any self defense situation; a natural response, a trained response and the correct response. Since the Modular Knife system is based on natural body mechanics, it teaches the correct response to a self defense situation based on a combination of natural and trained responses.

Broken down, the modular system can be used with any kind of bladed tool and teaches correct, natural responses to attacks from someone with a bladed weapon.  These same movements can also be used with an impact tool as well as empty handed.

The Gunting system is designed to be used primarily with any of Grandmaster Franks folding knives such as the original Gunting or the Lapu Lapu Corto (LLC) family of knives.  These techniques are designed to take advantage of the ramp, horns and other features the knives posses when closed.

This part of the system is more of a style of grappling which fits in nicely with the pressure points and joint locks we teach as part of our Kempo program.

Just as with Modern Arnis, we too have assimilated this system into our curriculum.  However, when it comes to our regular curriculum we only teach the basics of the Module part of the system and require that for rank.  We also have a class dedicated to MBC2.  We teach the full knife style of Grandmaster Frank, covering both Module and Gunting curriculums.  We also do not use a belt or rank system for this class, following the belief that “skill is rank.”

To quote Professor Dan Anderson regarding Grandmaster Bram Frank…

“He has taken a fairly complex art and has distilled the essence of it for blade work down to several easy to learn modules.”

This is a perfect description of what Grandmaster Frank has developed with his Modular Knife system.  An easy to learn blade style based on the foundation of Modern Arnis.  His motto is “learn in 6, teach in 12.”  With this he has also taken on the “Art within your art” philosophy of Professor Remy Presas.

Sensei Handwerker has been training under Grandmaster Frank since 2005 and in 2012 was awarded an instructor certification, and a CSSD/SC School Charter.  Both of which he has kept current.

If you are interested in training, please feel free to contact us.