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We believe everyone deserves a self-defense education so they can live a life without fear

  • Professor Dan Anderson


    I have worked with Sensei Mish Handwerker for over a decade and I have found very few martial artists whose conviction and dedication to the martial arts to match his. I am glad that he is bringing his knowledge of both karate and Filipino Marital Arts tot he city of Vancouver (my home town). His presence will raise the bar on martial arts standards in this community.

  • Thomas Lee

    Master Handwerker is very knowledgeable and is very patient when teaching. I have studied with him for several years and highly recommend him if your want to learn self defense.

  • Ron Kerlin

    HMA is a Kyusho/Kempo School that not only follows a Structured Class environment but also allows students to "think outside the box" while trainining within this System. For Self-Defense, this is critical as "one size doesn't fit all" and while some "applications" may work for some, they may not work for others; no situation is ever the same. I believe this introduces students to a concept of "thinking on the fly" while using the basic principles that HMA teaches throughout the Program. Great School for Men, Women, and Kids of all ages! Very "Hands-On"!