Modular Knife

Our Modular Knife program is more than just a “knife fighting” class. Even if you ask Grandmaster Bram Frank, the developer of the system, he will tell you “I don’t teach knife fighting, I teach edged tool usage.”

To better describe the program as a whole, we have to mention that there are three reactions to any self defense situation; a natural response, a trained response and the correct response. Since the Modular Knife system is based on natural body mechanics, it teaches the correct response to a self defense situation based on a combination of natural and trained responses.

Broken down, the Modular system can be used with any kind of bladed tool and teaches correct, natural responses to attacks from someone with a bladed weapon. These same movements can also be used with an impact tool as well as empty handed.

Though some of the basic drills from this system have been assimilated into our primary Kempo curriculum, we have dedicated edged tool classes. We teach Grandmaster Frank’s MBC2 system, covering Modular, CRMIPT, and the Bolo. Keeping with Grandmaster Franks belief that “skill is rank,” we do not use a belt or ranking system for these classes. There is, however, a way to earn user and instructor certifications.

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7p to 8p.  If you would like to join the class, please schedule yourself for a class.