6th Kyu – Yellow Belt

Rank Requirements


Physical Skill


Pressure Point

Kata/Bunkai: Taikyoku Shodan – Know four (4) applications from the kata


  • Rolling/Falling: Basic Forward Roll
  • Strikes: Forward Punch, Opposite Punch, Down/Low Strike
  • Kicks: Front Kick
  • Locks: Armbar, Underhand Wrist Lock
  • Arnis: 12 Basic Strikes

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  1. Know why we tie our Gi from left to right.
    • The gi is based off of traditional Japanese dress.  Samurai drew their swords from their left side using their right hand.  Tying the gi in this way does not inhibit the sword from being drawn; There were no left-handed Samurai.
  2. Know the proper fist and why it is anatomically correct.
  1. Bending the fingers and placing the finger tips on the lower part of the palm, keeping them straight instead of curling them in.  Thumb placed over the second knuckle section of the index finger.
  2. It makes the hand stronger flattening the first two knuckles.  It also allows the chi to flow through the hand.
  3. You can go from a relaxed open hand to a closed fist much quicker.
  4. Know the ¾ twist punch and why it is anatomically correct
  5. Straightens the two bones in the forearm so they won’t cross.  Makes the punch stronger, allows the fist to access pressure points.
  1. Know the area of activation is the size of a twenty-five cent piece.
  2. Know the guidelines to be followed with pressure point training:
  1. Always practice under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
  2. Be aware of a person’s physical impairments
  3. Only use 5%-10% power when performing techniques
  4. If you do not know proper revival techniques…
    1. Do not practice pressure points for more than 20 minutes a week
    2. Do not practice pressure points on persons over 45 years of age.
    3. Only practice pressure points on one side of the body.  (Do not activate points that cross the body)
  5. Know that it takes 20lbs of pressure to break the small bone (Ulna) and that it takes 100lbs of pressure to break the large bone (Radius).  When used together they are nearly impossible to break.
  6. Know the three methods to activate a pressure point:
    • Strike or hit
    • Touch or press
    • Rub or Knead

Pressure Points

  • Lung 8 (LU-8)
  • Heart 6 (HT-6)
  • Triple Warmer 3 (TW-3)
  • Triple Warmer 11 (TW-11)
  • Large Intestine 10 (LI-10)
  • Conception 14 (CV-14)
  • Gall Bladder 20 (GB-20)